Zero Harm is at the heart of everything we do at AEP. It means we believe all occupational illnesses and injuries are preventable Because We Care that everyone goes home in the same or better condition than when they came to work. We Care about our people, our customers and our communities.

For Contractors Performing Work on American Electric Power Premises (Leased or Owned). American Electric Power and its representatives are committed to providing a safe work environment for all of its contract employees, staff, and visitors. An important part of AEP’s Contractor Safety Program is contractor safety qualification. To qualify to work at American Electric Power sites, all companies must successfully complete the safety qualification process.

What is Qualification?

As part of the effort to protect workers from hazards, AEP utilizes a "Qualification" system that educates contractors and vendors about AEP Transmission's contractor safety expectations. This process requires the submittal of documentation of regulatory compliance regarding safety and best practices, along with other company information. A minimum set of criteria is expected to pass the initial "qualification". This may include a visit to your home office to verify certain information. Once a firm has successfully been "qualified", they are allowed to bid and potentially work with AEP. "Qualification" does not guarantee work with AEP, but rather eligibility to bid for and execute work.

How does my company get "Qualified"?

AEP will request information from contractors to complete an online application process, an email with the instructions for the process will be sent. An on-site office visit may also be required.

Annual Requalification

Contractors that have successfully completed the qualification process may be required to submit additional documentation annually to keep their qualification status current. This re-qualification process may result in the contractor firm losing their approved rating.

All employees must successfully complete the orientation requirements:

  1. Transmission Contractor Safety Orientation Video
  2. Transmission Contractor Environmental Orientation Video
  3. Transmission Switching & Tagging Awareness Video

Employees that have successfully completed the requirements recieve and wear a hard hat sticker.

Employees without the proper orientation and sticker may be asked to leave AEP property.

Contractor Orientation and Training Videos videos here

Contact your local AEP safety representative for the password to access conent.

Have a better way to perform a common process or procedure? We want to hear from you! If you have a Best Practice that you believe should be used - why not share? Safety benefits everyone - so let's work together to make sure everyone goes home safely.

Employees are involved in developing solutions and improving our safety culture. AEP understands that we may share responsibility for creating or allowing unsafe situations. We want to do better and you can help.

Purpose: Our most valuable asset is our workforce. We acknowledge that without our workforce the success of AEP Transmission is not possible. Who better than our professional employees and contractors that have expertise and experience to learn from?

Goal: Use innovative and effective methods, processes, and procedures from our field folks. Encourage, recognize, and promote those who contribute and share ideas in protecting our workforce and the public.

The only qualifier is the submission must be outside of the typical safety precautions consistent with the AEP Transmission Safety Terms and Conditions.

How does the process work?

  1. Submit your idea: make sure to spend some time creating a document that is comprehensive, tells the story of your idea and is polished. Don’t just submit a one-line comment of “this is better and do this”. Make a logical argument that addresses a problem and improves safety. Write for an audience that is not familiar with your line of work, the problem that is being addressed, and the solution being suggested (i.e. consider your audience). If you need assistance – ask co-workers, office folks, or company safety representative for help. We value your input and take all submissions seriously - regardless of the scale or impact to work. Use this link to Submit Best Practice for consideration.
  2. Review: The submittal will be reviewed by an internal AEP Safety committee comprised of volunteer members from our contractor companies. They will receive notification of the submittal and will review it. There may be questions and follow-up items – which will be determined on an as-needed basis – specific to the Best Practice.
  3. Publication: If a Best Practice is approved a communication plan will be developed utilizing Safety Bulletins, Alerts, Video, etc.

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